Some of our references

“I have led a plethora of tours over the last twenty five years, and I can honestly say that when it comes to leading a tour to any one of the Lands of the Bible there is no one I would rather work with than Tutku Tours and its many wonderful guides.”
Dr. Ben Witherington, Asbury Theological Seminary



“Tutku Tours is a world leader in Biblical and Classical Tours. Its owner Levent Oral uses personable guides who are experts in the field. I would highly recommend Tutku Tours for your next visit to Turkey or to the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Dr. Mark Wilson, Director, AMRC



“Tutku Tours is at the top of the list for tours of Turkey. They specialize in Biblical tours and their expertise is evident in all aspects of their trips. I most highly recommend Tutku Tours.”
Mark Fairchild, Ph.D., Huntington University, IN




“What a wonderful time we had visiting your beautiful country with Dr. Mark Wilson and Dilaver Oncu. Everything went flawlessly. I look forward to travelling again with Tutku Tours.”
Karen H. Jobes, Ph.D., Wheaton College



“I am completely sold on Tutku’s services and recommend them to anyone planning tours in its region. The Ephesus Meeting in particular, with its opportunities for worship and learning, has been a highlight along our travels in May.”
Don Westblade, Hillsdale College



“After years of leading trips to Turkey and Greece I began partnering with Tutku Tours which has been a very positive experience, for Levent Oral and his colleagues have been very helpful in arranging all aspects of our travel needs. Because Tutku has close contacts with agencies in countries other than Turkey, they have been able to provide us with a “seamless” experience on our trips that combine both Turkey and other Eastern Mediterranean countries. In my experience Tutku has always actually provide more than what was expected—they consistently “go beyond the call of duty” and are a pleasure to work with.”
Carl Rasmussen, Ph.D, Bethel University


“I want to say thanks for the fine job that Tutku Tours did in arranging our tour. Everything went smoothly in terms of all arrangements. I am also thankful for them “going the extra mile” and arranging the visit to the cave of Paul and Thecla which were unexpected bonuses.”

Jeffrey A. D. Weima, Ph.D., Calvin Theological Seminary